The APSCents Story

APSCent is offered by the APS Education Foundation and powered by CaringCent, an innovate Albuquerque, NM-based fundraising technology company.

Our mission is simple: give consumers who support APS students – many who are products of APS – the opportunity to support the district’s mission when they shop. Today, many of our supporters are solicited at checkout counters to make a donation to great charities, but, if given the choice, they may choose to support APS students. Now, consumers can re-direct their credit card “change” to support our district and have a complete records of all change donations at tax time.

The APS Education Foundation recognizes that support for our district is often local. As such, individual schools can register for APSCents and directly promote the program to their supporters. In this instance, the registered school retains 90% of proceeds allocated to APSCents, while the foundation retains 10% to support its mission and ongoing program management.