A Fresh Approach to Fundraising…

APSCents is brought to your school by the APS Education Foundation. With APSCents, your school’s supporters can support your students with a credit card swipe any time they make a purchase. APSCents is efficient, fun, rewarding and …free to your school.

How It Works

After you register your school, an APSCents account manager will contact you and provide you with access to tohe “MakeCents” Resource Center, which provides you with all the online and offline tools you need to promote APSCents to your supporters. We know your PTA/fundraisers are busy so we did the work for you.

Your supporters select your school, securely register a credit card and each time they make a purchase, the amount is rounded up to the nearest whole dollar and the difference goes to your school. The APS Education Foundation supports APSCents, as such the foundation retains 10% of all proceeds to support the program’s management and ongoing support of its critical mission.


How large is your current donor base?
CaringCent helps you attract new donors--how many might we get?
What percentage of your donors do you estimate will sign up for CaringCent?

Year One Raised: $0 /year (net)

We don't want to oversell you. This estimate is based on a very conservative monthly roll-up to the year end usage percentage you provided.

Future Years: $0 /year (net)

This estimate is very conservative and assumes you add no new donors to your CaringCent program in future years--which is unlikely.


Creating a APSCents account is easy, and there are no start-up or out-of-pocket costs! Once you have registered, you can use our campaign wizard to quickly and easily set up your first fundraiser for a special project or to fund ongoing business needs.

With integrated social media and email marketing templates in APSCents, it’s easy to get the word out to your donors and beyond! The “spare change” model also helps give you access to a younger donor base, and won’t cannibalize your existing funding channels.

“Virtual change” adds up! Ongoing donations from your APSCents-registered donors will quickly grow to fund your current project and business needs!



The security of your data is of utmost importance to us.  We do not store bank login information or transactions on our servers;  all data is entered into our partner CaringCent’s system, and meets the highest standards in data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.  We will never sell, rent, or otherwise provide your personal identifiable information to anyone, for any reason.